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Making a Difference: 2017 Showcase of Health Research

Left to Right: Hillary Maxwell, Research Coordinator, Michel Bédard, Scientific Director
Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHR)

Date: 2017-02-03

On Friday, February 3, 2017, St. Joseph’s Care Group’s Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHR) hosted the eleventh annual “Making a Difference: 2017 Showcase of Health Research”.

The Showcase continues to be the premier annual venue for the dissemination of research relevant to the health of Northwestern Ontarians.

Dr. Michel Bédard, Scientific Director, SJCG, said that "Since 2006, the Showcase has provided the opportunity for healthcare professionals, students, and scientists to share clinically relevant research projects.”

During the Showcase, participants had the opportunity to:

  1. Learn about health research relevant to Northwestern Ontarians;
  2. Discuss with others how to incorporate research into clinical practice; and
  3. Network and develop research partnerships.

According to St. Joseph's Care Group President & CEO Tracy Buckler, "Research is a critical and vital element of the work we do because we know that it forms the backbone of evidence-based clinical practice." The Showcase features the depth and breadth of health research and innovation happening here in our region. "There is opportunity here for professionals to innovate and change the way we deliver care," said Buckler, "That makes for a rewarding career, and brings about better health outcomes for clients."

To learn more about the centre for Applied Health Research, please visit the website at

For further information, please contact:

Hillary Maxwell
Research Coordinator
St. Joseph's Care Group
Office: (807) 343-4300 ext. 4404
Cell: (807) 708-1371

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