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Regional Rehabilitative Care Program's New Website

Date: 2018-07-11

Open Regional Rehabilitative Care Program website
Regional Rehabilitative Care Program website

The Regional Rehabilitative Care Program is pleased to launch a valuable new tool, a website specifically for adult physical rehabilitation in the North West LHIN! The website can be found at:

Some of its main features include contact information for different care streams, news and announcements, and reports. The site will also feature a bank of best practice information and resources for each of the care streams, including medically complex, physical rehabilitation, geriatric assessment, and rehabilitative care. One of the most exciting features of the website however, is its interactive service map.

The rehabilitation services map allows users to search by sub-region, community, or care stream and has information on adult physical rehabilitation services, programs, and specialist clinics. This information is intended for healthcare providers; however it may also be appropriate for clients, families, and the public.

The website also addresses three of the five recommendations from the North West LHIN Regional Rehabilitative Care Program Capacity Planning report. The recommendations which it addresses are:

  1. To improve client experience and improve direct access from primary care providers to community rehabilitation programs,
  2. To facilitate adherence to best practices for rehabilitative care to improve client-centred care; and
  3. To enhance utilization of innovative technologies to improve access to rehabilitative care services closer to home, particularly in remote and under-serviced areas.


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