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Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) is committed to involve volunteers in supporting our mission, vision and core values. Volunteers are engaged in meaningful ways that reflect their various skills, abilities, talents, needs and backgrounds, helping to create a compassionate and caring environment.

SJCG's Board of Directors and Leadership Team recognize that volunteers are a vital human resource and an important part of all services provided. Volunteers are welcomed and treated as valued and integral members of our organization. Volunteers bring experience and insight to the services we provide, helping us meet the needs and expectations of the clients and community we serve. Volunteer Services has adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement which provides 14 organizational standards.

SJCG provides commitment and structure through the leadership of two certified Coordinators of Volunteer Services. The Coordinators are responsible for defining the roles of volunteers, match volunteer jobs tasks to organizational needs. We recruit and screen volunteers and provide them with ongoing training and support. We retain existing volunteer participation through effective management, team-building strategies and the recognition of individual volunteer accomplishments. We create policies and procedures to protect our clients, the organization and out volunteers from risk. We develop operating budgets, and maintain office records and data bases. We actively seek opportunities to enhance the lives of our clients and volunteers, in addition to fulfilling our goals. Volunteers receive appropriate levels of supervision according to their task.

By providing diverse volunteer opportunities, Volunteer Services seeks to develop positive relationships with the public, facilitating community engagement. Through community partnerships with the Lakehead District Catholic School Board, the Lakehead Board of Education, Confederation College, Lakehead University, Everest College, St. John Ambulance, Hospice Northwest, Salvation Army, students and volunteers receive valuable work experience exposing them to a variety of career choices available within SJCG. Volunteer involvement is based on relationships that benefit the volunteers, the clients and the community we serve.

SJCG, Volunteer Services is committed to meet the following 14 organizational standards outlined in the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.

  1. Mission-based Approach
    The board of directors, leadership team and staff acknowledge articulate, and support the vital role of volunteers in achieving the organization's purpose and mission. Volunteer roles clearly link to this mission.
  2. Human Resources
    Volunteers are welcomed and treated as valued and integral members of the organization's human resources team. The organization has an integrated approach for volunteer involvement including resources to support volunteer involvement.
  3. Policies and Policies
    A policy framework that defines and supports the involvement of volunteers is adopted by the organization.
  4. Volunteer Administration
    The organization has clearly designated individuals with appropriate qualifications responsible for supporting volunteer involvement.
  5. Risk Management and Quality Assurance
    Risk management procedures are in place to assess, manage, or mitigate potential volunteer risks to volunteers, the organization and its clients, members and participants that may result from the delivery of a volunteer led program or service. Screening involves assessing each volunteer role for level of risk.
  6. Volunteer Role
    Volunteer roles contribute to the mission or purpose of the organization and clearly identify the abilities needed. Volunteer roles involve volunteers in meaningful ways that reflect their skills, needs, interests, and backgrounds.
  7. Recruitment
    Volunteer recruitment incorporates a broad range of internal and external strategies to reach out to diverse sources of volunteers.
  8. Screening
    A clearly communicated and transparent screening process, which is aligned with risk management approach, is adopted and consistently applied across the organization.
  9. Orientation and Training
    Volunteers receive an orientation to the organization, its policies and practices, appropriate to each role. Each volunteer receives training specific to the Volunteer role and the needs of the individual volunteer.
  10. Support and Supervision
    Volunteers receive the level of support and supervision required for the role and are provided with regular opportunities to give and receive feedback.
  11. Records Management
    Standardized documentation and records management practices and procedures are followed and are in line with current relevant legislation.
  12. Technology
    Volunteers are engaged and supported within the organization through the integration and intentional use of current technology. New opportunities to strengthen volunteer engagement and capacity through the use of technology are evaluated continually.
  13. Recognition
    The organization recognizes the contributions of volunteers using ongoing formal and informal methods, applicable to the volunteer role. The value and impact of volunteer contributions are understood and acknowledged and communicated to the volunteer.
  14. Evaluation
    An evaluation framework is in place to assess the performance of volunteers and gauge volunteer satisfaction. The effectiveness of the volunteer engagement strategy is also evaluated.


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