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COVID-19 Program Suspensions

St. Joseph's Care Group has temporarily suspended non-urgent programming and outpatient appointments at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Heritage. The list of temporary suspended program is displayed in the chart below. Wherever possible, we are sustaining urgent programming through alternate means such as telephone, videoconferencing or small groups where social distance can be maintained.

Site Suspended Program/Service Details
St. Joseph’s Hospital Rheumatic Diseases Program  
St. Joseph's Hospital Geriatric Consult Service Telephone appointments. Limited in-office visits. Phone support available.
St. Joseph’s Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Phone support available
St. Joseph’s Hospital Asthma Clinic Phone support available
St. Joseph’s Hospital Visiting Clinics (e.g. Rheumatoid EMG)  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Ultraviolet Booth  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Chiropody  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Palliative Care Clinic  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Senior’s Outpatient Assessment & Rehabilitation Limited in person appointments
St. Joseph’s Hospital Dental Clinic Urgent procedures will continue
St. Joseph’s Hospital Neuropsychology Assessment Service  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic  
St. Joseph’s Hospital Moving On After Stroke (MOST)  
St. Joseph’s Heritage Manor House Adult Day Program Limited spaces. Phone support available.
St. Joseph’s Heritage Diabetes Group Education  
Balmoral Centre RAAM No walk-in services. Appointments only.
Balmoral Centre Back to Basics  
Sister Margaret Smith Centre External Community Groups Self-help groups & Healing Circle
Sister Margaret Smith Centre Women’s Residential Treatment  
Sister Margaret Smith Centre Youth Residential  
Sister Margaret Smith Centre Eating Disorders Program Group and Meal Support  
Matawa Education & Care Centre Mental Health & Addiction Services Learning Centre During School closure
St. Joseph’s Health Centre Employment Options  
St. Joseph’s Health Centre Mental Health Outpatient Program - group sessions  
St. Joseph’s Health Centre rTMS No new treatments will begin
St. Joseph’s Health Centre Chronic Pain Management Program Group programs only

-- Updated: August 7, 2020 --

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