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Vocational & Psycho-Vocational Assessment

The Vocational Assessment is intended to "match" a person's abilities (aptitudes, skills) with the specific reasoning and learning requirements of a job or training goal.

Who would benefit from a Vocational Assessment?

This type of assessment is often requested for persons who are unable to return to work in their typical job or lifestyle activities due to the restrictions imposed by an injury. A vocational assessment can also help to identify vocational alternatives that are consistent with a person's aptitudes, interests, skills, and physical abilities. A transferable skills analysis may also be included with each report.

How will people be assessed?

  • The Vocational Assessment test battery will typically consist of:
  • Aptitude Testing (General Aptitude Test Battery)
  • Work Preferences (Interest Testing)
  • Literacy/Numeracy Skills
  • Transferable Skills Analysis where indicated

What is the difference between a Vocational Assessment and a Psycho-Vocational Assessment?

The Psycho-Vocational Assessment includes all tests shown above, and adds psychodiagnostic and intelligence testing to identify psychological factors relevant to the reason for referral.

What will the report provide?

The resulting report provides a comprehensive analysis of the evaluee's measured abilities, skills and interests, as well as a listing of potential vocational alternatives based on the National Occupation Classification (NOC). Recommendations are stated clearly and directly address referral questions. When available, the findings of a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) can be incorporated into the Vocational Assessment.

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