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Adult Addiction Programs

Assessment & Treatment Plan for Older Adults

A substance abuse or gambling assessment is a requirement in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Substance abuse assessments can be completed by an assessment program. The Assessment process is essential in determining the scope and severity of the substance abuse/problem gambling, the presence of other mental health and /or medical issues and the client's strengths and resources. Gambling and substance use assessments can also be arranged by contacting Adult Addictions & Problem Gambling Intake.

Referral to intake

When the assessment and/or the Client Admission package is sent in, it will be reviewed by the Adult Intake team. We will communicate with the both the referent and client regarding the treatment plan and potential treatment dates. Any need for client interviews, stabilization or further information will be facilitated through Intake.


Withdrawal Management - Those needing assistance in withdrawing from substances will be referred to withdrawal management services or to their physician.

Support Housing - To assist people with preparing for treatment and with stabilizing their daily living, we may suggest an admission to supportive housing such as Crossroads Centre.

Treatment Options

1. Community Treatment

Community treatment programs offer group or individual/family counseling one or several times a week, which people can attend while living in the community. Some of these programs are a set number of sessions which you have to pre-register for, while others are ongoing and can be attended as needed. There are several examples of groups listed, but these are not all the options available at any given time. Contact Intake for more information on groups offered presently.

Explorations Group

The Explorations Group is offered bi-weekly over four weeks. The purpose of the group is to educate, support, and motivate participants, engage them in the change process, and provide assistance in developing coping skills. This group can be attended in preparation of entering residential treatment or as a stand alone community treatment program.

The program offers seven sessions which focus on issues such as: fear and anxiety about making changes, coping strategies, values and beliefs, stress management, relationships, assertiveness and communication skills, spirituality and relapse prevention planning.

Individual Counselling

Individual counseling is another type of community treatment assistance. This option can be accessed at any point of the continuum following assessment, ranging from preparation for more intensive treatment, in conjunction with community treatment groups or for relapse prevention. The focus can include skill building to cope with substance abuse, relationship issues or specialized sessions such as trauma or stress management. Arrangements can also be made for Outreach appointments for older adult clients and those with mobility or special needs.

Continuing Care Groups

Education and support groups for those working to maintain or enhance changes they have made already. These changes may have begun in residential or community treatment or people may have been in recovery for several years. Contact Intake for more information on dates and sessions.

Live and Learn series - This is a series of weekly evening sessions featuring issues related to recovery, such as relationships, spirituality, stress and mindfulness, risk taking and using leisure time. Family & friends are welcome to attend. These are ongoing and open.

Support groups - We offer several different discussion and support groups for Men, Women, and Women over 55. Men over 60 can attend the Men's Breakfast Club.

2. Day Treatment

Day treatment programs are usually three to ten day programs designed for longer time periods ie all day, half days or evenings which people attend while living in the community. They are offered for those who either don't require the safety of the residential setting or who can't attend that option due to other commitments such as work, children, pets. They are more intense and focused than the Community treatment options, but allow for more flexibility than a residential program.

The day treatment program is offered when there is an established need. Some examples of this have been a Day program for women; for family members and for Problem Gamblers. Contact Intake for more information.

3. Intensive Residential Treatment

Intensive residential treatment is an option in which participants move into the treatment facility for a set period of time during which they participate in structured programming in a group format. Our 24 day substance abuse programs are gender specific. All bedrooms are private and male and female units are kept separate. There are other options for briefer residential programs which are designed to meet the specific needs of a client group, such as Problem Gambling, Older Adult or Concurrent disorder. Contact Intake to discuss.

The Intensive Treatment programs are designed to assist participants who require an extended period of time in a safe environment to focus on developing coping skills, understand their substance abuse, explore the issues related to their use and encourage them to utilize their strengths and resources to make healthy changes in their lives.

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