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St. Joseph's Care Group

St. Joseph's Care Group


Adult Addiction Programs


Addiction problems rarely happen in isolation- the family and other loved ones have been often deeply affected by the behaviours associated with it. Individuals trying to make changes have a greater chance of success if they are supported by knowledgeable and understanding family members. It is equally as important that the loved ones are able to receive counselling and support in order to become healthier in their own lives, regardless of what the substance abuser decides to do. We offer individual and couple counselling as well as psycho-educational groups which people can attend whether their family member is involved with our services or not.

The Family Education and Support Group offers a fresh look at the family dynamic of substance abuse within the support of others who are experiencing similar situations. Difficult topics are discussed as feelings along with successes and frustrations are brought into the open. Your loved one may be an adult child, a partner, a sibling, a parent or even a close friend. Topics include Family and Relationships, Control and Powerlessness, Anger, Stress and Relaxation, Spirituality, Self-esteem and Substitute addictions. It is usually held for several evenings and all day Saturday over one week. Following this four sessions of continuing care are held bi-weekly. Please contact Intake for more information.
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