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Stress Management Program

It is increasingly accepted that how we handle our stress levels in our day-to-day lives has a high impact on how well we handle our relationships, our physical and mental health. For those in recovery from substance abuse and compulsive gambling, it may be stress, that "surprise" event that sets us up for relapse behaviours as well. One option in preparing for stressors in our life is to manage how we react to change by learning more and better methods of relaxation. Stress management is especially important when the favourite stress reliever (e.g. A chemical or a slot machine) is now "off limits".

In all the programs at the Smith Centre, both residential and community-based, stress management is integrated into the treatment experience. The primary focus is on learning a variety of proven relaxation techniques with an emphasis on developing healthier habits through their practice. Both brief and "deep" relaxation techniques are explored while in the residential program. The other less intensive programs have a focus on increasing motivation for learning stress reduction techniques either at the Smith Centre or from other community resources.

Some research is pointing out a direct relationship between an addict's relapse behaviour and their over-reactive, hypersensitive stress system, especially during early stages of withdrawal and recovery. Giving this person some tools for managing their stress response can have huge benefits for the person seeking a manageable and sober lifestyle.

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