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St. Joseph's Care Group

St. Joseph's Care Group


Mental Health Outpatient Programs

Specialized Treatment Teams

Employment Options Program

  • Provides a vocational rehabilitation services for clients of the St. Joseph's care Group to assist them in attaining their full vocational and educational potential.
  • Provides vocational assessment, assistance with obtaining employment or enrolling in school and support with returning to former places of employment.

Intake Team

  • Reviews all referrals for services to determine if you meet the admission criteria for MHOP.
  • Completes initial intake interview and any additional assessments that may be required.
  • Refers you to appropriate MHOP treatment team.

Interdisciplinary Teams

  • Interdisciplinary teams are composed of many health care disciplines.
  • Teams work collaboratively to complete assessments, develop shared treatment goals and determine how team members can best work together with you.
  • Information is shared and treatment plans are revised regularly along with strategies for reaching the treatment goals.
  • The interdisciplinary team's collaborative approach to treatment planning and service provision can generate more creative interventions that specifically address your treatment goals.

Single Service

  • Persons engaged with another mental health program, family physician or other health care program that clearly require only one clinician/service will be provided services under the single service group.
  • Referral will by pass the intake assessment process and be sent directly to the specific service or clinician required.
  • Individual specialized assessment or intervention will be provided by one of the multidisciplinary staff that may not be available to other programs/teams in the community.
  • Once the service has been provided clients will be discharged to the care of the referring mental health program, family physician or other health care program.


  • TIDES (Treating Individuals with Dysregulated Emotional States) is a specialized outpatient treatment program for clients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).
  • The TIDES II Team provides Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), which research has shown to be effective treatment for people with BPD.
  • Components include weekly individual therapy, weekly skills training class, and skills coaching by telephone.
  • Following confirmation of a diagnosis of BPD, each potential TIDES client is placed on a waiting list. As space in TIDES becomes available, orientation sessions will be provided to determine whether there is a good match between the TIDES program and the potential client.


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