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Seniors' Mental Health Programs

Seniors' Community Psychiatry Program

The Seniors' Community Psychiatry Program is committed to providing quality care to seniors with mental illness. Psychiatric follow up and community support is provided to seniors in their place of residence. Follow-up care is provided in a caring and compassionate manner respecting client privacy and confidentiality.

About Us

The seniors' Community Psychiatry Program provides psychiatric assessment, treatment, and follow up including medication management for seniors' with mental health issues.

Who is the Seniors' Community Psychiatry Program for?

Individuals 65 years and over that have mental health issues. Referrals related to individuals less than 65 years of age are reviewed on a case by case basis for program eligibility.

Who are the care providers of the Seniors' Community Psychiatry Program?

Clients with the Seniors' Community Psychiatry Program are cared for by knowledgeable and experienced health care professionals that specialize in the areas of medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, social work, and psychology. Each client is assigned a case manager who oversees their care and follow up.

How Do I Access the Seniors' Community Psychiatry Program?

Referrals to the program are sent to the Seniors' Mental Health Programs Intake Facilitator.

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