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Walking the Labyrinth to Peace of Mind

Labyrinth to Peace of Mind

Walking the labyrinth is a spiritual discipline that invites us to trust the path, to surrender to the many turns our lives take, and to walk through the confusion, the fear, the anger, and grief that we cannot avoid experiencing as we live our earthly lives" - Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a meandering, circular pathway marked on the floor or ground. It is "unicursal", meaning the path to the centre is the same as the one coming back out. Unlike a maze, which is designed to trick and decieve, a labyrinth facilitates relaxation, mindfulness and reconnecting. Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years for meditation and prayer.

How does it work?

The labyrinth invites us to slow down and become more aware. It is much more than just walking in circles. Many approach the experience with intention and focus, and experience a calming of mind and body, along with new insights into themselves and the world.

"Walking the labyrinth gives people a chance to connect with a quiet space within themselves. Labyrinth walks allow people to touch something deep within, to achieve a sense of relaxation and introspection they can't normally get." - Neal Harris

"Your life is a sacred journey. You are on the path...exactly where you are meant to be." - Caroline Adams

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