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Officers and Board of Directors for 2022-2023

St. Joseph's Care Group Board of Directors welcomes the presence of the community to its monthly Board Meetings. It is hoped that by doing so we can better serve community needs as well as keep the public informed.

The intention of these open Board Meetings is to promote an understanding of the role of St. Joseph's Care Group in the community and to emphasize the responsibilities of the Board in its decision-making process.

As sponsors, employees, directors, volunteers and medical staff, we are accountable for excellence in our work place and recognize the opportunity to serve with integrity.

Title Directors
Chair Susan Fraser
Vice Chair Jennifer Lawrance
Past Chair Bishop Fred Colli
Treasurer Roberta Simpson
President & CEO - Secretary Kelli O'Brien
Chief of Staff Dr. Peter de Bakker
Chief Nursing Executive Shelley McAllister
President of the Professional Staff Association Dr. Walid Shahrour
Representative of the Auxiliary to St. Joseph's Care Group Vacant
Representative of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie Barbara Jarvela
Representative of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario Paula Bouchard
Bishop Bishop Fred Colli
Representative of St. Joseph's Foundation of Thunder Bay Frank Zanatta


Members Honourary Members
Naomi Abotossaway Don Caron
Charles Fox Guy O'Brien
Paula Bouchard Dick O'Donnell
Clare Milks  
Garth Postans  
Fhara Pottinger  


-- Updated: September 8, 2022 --

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