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Access to high quality palliative care can have a profound impact on the quality of life of both the individual who is dying and their loved ones. In the North West Regional Palliative Care Program (RPCP) goal is to mobilize, strengthen, and reorient the health care system to improve access to safe, comprehensive, and high quality palliative care for all residents of Northwestern Ontario.

Here's our Core Team
<strong>Team</strong> (from left to right): <strong>Hilary Mettam</strong>, Community Development Lead; <strong>Jill Marcella</strong>, Coordinator; <strong>Marlene Benvenuto</strong>, Palliative Care Telemedicine Nurse Consultant
Left to Right: Hilary Mettam, Jill Marcella & Marlene Benvenuto
Text Image: Value Statement: All of my care providers will work together with me and my family to support our quality of life throughout this journey and respond to our needs in a coordinated way
Education Collaborative

The Regional Palliative Care Education Collaborative is a working group of individuals with a mandate to deliver palliative care education in the Northwestern Ontario region. This group will facilitate and support the development and implementation of educational strategies that enhance palliative care knowledge and skill across Northwestern Ontario. Click here for more information on the Education Collaborative, and information about palliative care education in the region of Northwestern Ontario.

This page is not intended to provide medical advice. It is meant to provide you with information and resources and direct you to the right services you may need. If you require medical advice please contact your family doctor or health care provider.

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