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COVID-19 Client Vaccinations

St. Joseph’s Care Group (SJCG) serves clients in a number of settings including long-term care, hospital, residential treatment, supportive housing, and transitional housing. Under Ontario’s vaccination framework, different client populations will become eligible for vaccination at different times, and SJCG staff are ready to act quickly to distribute the vaccine to eligible SJCG clients when the time comes.

When a SJCG client population is identified as eligible for vaccination, we will:

  • Contact the client and/or their Substitute Decision Maker to advise that the vaccine will soon be available, and provide more information on when and how the vaccine will be administered.
  • Provide further information to help make an informed decision around vaccination.
  • Prior to vaccination, ask screening questions to make sure that vaccination is appropriate, and consent obtained.
  • Give Clients and/or Substitute Decision Makers post-vaccination information, and let you know when to expect the second dose of the vaccine.
COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheets and Consent Form

The following information must be read by the client and/or their Substitute Decision Maker prior to making a decision on vaccination. Do not complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form unless you are contacted by St. Joseph’s Care Group.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information Package

To support you in making an informed decision about vaccination, the following information has been provided by the government of Ontario.


In order to receive the vaccine, a COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form must be completed by the Client or Substitute Decision Maker.


The following links contain helpful information related to the pandemic including Ontario’s vaccination rollout plan, information about COVID-19 vaccines, and what we can do to slow the spread of the virus.

For visitor information on St. Joseph's Hospital, Long-Term Care Homes or Seniors' Supportive Housing, please follow their respective links.

-- Updated: April 5, 2021 --

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