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Eating Disorders Programs

Youth Advisory Group

Many Eating Disorders occur in adolescence. It is important to acknowledge that every generation has a unique perspective and unique problems to overcome. Youth who have experienced an Eating Disorder and have made a decision to work on recovery are a valuable asset to the Eating Disorder Program, to our community and to each other. They are able to provide insight into societal pressures, problems of their peers and ways to connect with them. They ensure that the needs and voices of adolescents are represented and heard.

Their goals

  • To provide a youth perspective on issues decided by the Eating Disorder team. This may include topics such as: how to promote Eating Disorder Awareness Week, how to raise awareness of the program, youth friendly brochures
  • To be a support to each other in their recovery from an Eating Disorder
  • To develop projects that would be useful in helping other youth
  • To work on prevention of Eating Disorders
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