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Diabetes Health

Diabetes Health

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What is diabetes? A disease where the body cannot metabolize sugars causing high blood sugar levels Diabetes is usually classified as one of the following:

  • Type 1 - an autoimmune disease causing the pancreas to no longer produce insulin
  • Type 2 - a metabolic disease that causes the pancreas to produces less insulin and the body is not able to use its own insulin efficiently; often referred to as "insulin resistance"
  • Gestational Diabetes - brought on by an increase in hormone levels during pregnancy and is usually temporary
  • Pre-Diabetes - Impaired sugar metabolism and at this stage type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented

Our Program

  • Diabetes Health Thunder Bay is an outpatient education program of St. Joseph’s Care Group. We are a team of Registered Nurses, Dietitians and Social Workers.
  • We offer individual and group education on various topics:
    • Nutrition
    • Diabetes medication
    • Insulin management
    • Insulin pump training and education (approved Assisted Devices Program site)
    • Diabetes and technology
    • Prevention of diabetes complications
    • Stress management and coping skills
  • We have 3 specialized programs at our clinic:
    • Pediatric Program
    • Diabetes in Pregnancy Program
    • Insulin Pump Management Program

Referral Process: we welcome referrals from primary care practitioners including Nurse Practitioners and Physicians. Individuals can also refer themselves. We do require recent diabetes blood work (HbA1C) with a new referral.

What to bring to your appointments
  • Blood glucose monitor and blood sugar records
  • List of current medications
Client Resources
Your Donations
  • Go directly to serving clients in Thunder Bay and assist us in improving our programs
  • To make a donation please contact St. Joseph’s Foundation at 807-768-4440
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