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Mental Health Outpatient Services

Mental Health Outpatient Program

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are provided by a team of psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists and other physicians who work together to organize and complete comprehensive psychiatric assessments and medication management. Psychiatric services are intended to support your primary health care clinician (family doctor or nurse practitioner) and are not provided for third parties (i.e. insurance companies, ODSP, WSIB, etc.). Clients are welcome to have a relative or a friend accompany them for their appointments.

Services Provided
Psychiatric Consultation Clinic

Provided in person or via telepsychiatry (videoconferencing) at St. Joseph's Health Centre

The Process
  • A thorough psychiatric, medical, psychological, and social history is obtained.
  • Relevant collateral and medication information is gathered.
  • Clients are expected to bring details of their medications to their appointment.
  • Medical diagnosis of the presenting psychiatric condition will be determined and explained to the clients to help them learn about their mental illness and its management.
  • Different medications and treatment options, including appropriate psychological interventions, will be explored with the client, and a safe and appropriate management plan will be discussed and agreed upon with the client. An outpatient prescription may be issued if required.
  • After consultation, an assessment letter with comprehensive advice and recommendations regarding the management plan will be shared with the primary health care provider.
  • Up to 5 follow-up appointments can be offered for medication monitoring, and to allow further stabilization with a later transition to the primary health care provider.
  • Clients may be referred to other community services and/or a Decision Guide to explore the MHOP service options if appropriate.
  • On discharge, clients will be given information about their mental illness, their prescribed medications, and other community services available to them.
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