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Mental Health Outpatient Services

Mental Health Outpatient Program

What to Expect Once You are Referred?

Mental Health Outpatient Program (MHOP) uses a Decision Guide model which:
  • Facilitates goal setting, decision making and determination of needs.
  • Assists the client in making good decisions, but does NOT to make decisions for the client.
  • Allows for a functional assessment of individual’s strengths, challenges, and barriers to treatment
  • Identifies the needs of client that require support.
  • Matches the client with the appropriate services through ongoing functional assessment and feedback from client.
  • Assists the client in understanding and navigating services.
  • Assists the client with access to other services as needed.
The Decision Guide model involves a “Welcome Workshop” and an “Initial Decision Guide Meeting”.
Welcome Workshop

As part of the Decision Guide process all clients attend a Welcome Workshop. The Welcome Workshop is a group orientation to MHOP. It provides the clients a chance to learn about our program offerings and ask any questions they may have. Clients will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire called the BASIS-24 which will give a baseline measure of their current condition. Following the completion of the Welcome Workshop clients will be scheduled for an appointment with a Decision Guide.

The Initial Decision Guide Meeting

During your first meeting your Decision Guide will:

  • Work with you to set “SMART” (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based) goals for recovery.
  • Explore any strengths & challenges that may impact on your ability to participate in services.
  • Discuss with you the options for services that best fit your goals and suggest the best place to start on your path to recovery.
  • Make referrals to the services that you agree to start with.

Your Decision Guide is not your counsellor but a “guide” to support you on your journey to recovery. The Decision Guide will remain available to you throughout your involvement with MHOP to discuss your progress and any changes that need to be made in your treatment.

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