Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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St. Joseph's Care Group

Mental Health Outpatient Services

Psychiatric Consultation Clinic

  • Provides psychiatric consultation including diagnostic clarification and medication review of clients with serious mental illness.
  • Consultation model includes up to 5 follow up sessions followed by discharge back to your family physician/nurse practitioner for ongoing monitoring.
  • Clinical consultation with family physicians may be arranged to provide advice and support clients post discharge.
  • Services are offered in-person or virtually.


Telepsychiatry is delivered by videoconferencing technology. It is used to deliver clinical, consultative and educational services under a "Shared Care" model.

Presently there are two parts to the service:

  • One time psychiatric consults with outlying communities.
  • Psychiatric consults with short term follow up (2 - 6 visits) for Mental Health Outpatient Program (MHOP) clients by a psychiatrist from another region of Ontario.

Further follow up is provided for you by your family physician.

Referrals can be made at The Northwest Access Point


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