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St. Joseph's Care Group

Mental Health Outpatient Services

Psychiatric Consultation Clinic

  • Assessment, intervention and monitoring of clients with a serious mental illness.
  • On referral from teams provides psychiatric consultation including diagnostic clarification and medication management.
  • Consults with family physicians to provide advice and support in the management of clients.

Shared Mental Health Care

  • "Shared Care" is a mental health program carried out in the office of your family physician.
  • MHOP mental health nurses, psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists as well as other disciplines as required are part of the shared care staff.
  • Clients discharged back to their family doctors from MHOP may be followed by the nurse and psychiatrist as part of shared care services.

Transition Into Primary care Psychiatry (TIPP)

TIPP is a part of the Shared Care program. Like Shared Care, TIPP is also carried out in the family practice setting . An MHOP nurse and psychiatrist provide follow up to clients discharged back to the family physician and to clients already in their family practice with stable but serious mental illness This service provides support to the family physician in providing care to the client.


  • Telepsychiatry is delivered by videoconferencing technology. It is used to deliver clinical, consultative and educational services under a "Shared Care" model.
  • Presently there are two parts to the service:
  • One time psychiatric consults with outlying communities.
  • Psychiatric consults with short term follow up (4 - 6 visits) for MHOP clients by a psychiatrist from another region of Ontario.
  • Further follow up is provided for you by your family physician.
  • Services may be obtained from other MHOP disciplines on short-term assessment and consultation basis.


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