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Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

The objective assessment of physical capacities is a process critical to making decisions about an injured individual's ability to return to the pre-injury job, an alternative job, or other lifestyle activities.

What does the FAE consist of?

The FAE consists of two components:
1. ERGOS Sapphire Evaluation

The ERGOS Sapphire Work Assessment System (WAS) is a comprehensive computer integrated testing system which is able to measure 15 work demands as defined by the U.S. and Canadian Departments of Labour. These demands include dynamic lift strength, carrying strength, static lift and push and pull strength as well as testing in various work positions and handling and fingering hand functions. The assessment protocols are operated by a single touch screen computer and results are interpreted by a certified Kinesiologist or registered Occupational Therapist.

2. Physical Fitness Assessment

The physiotherapist also evaluates the individual's range of motion, sensation, and general strength. The Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness may also be administered to measure flexibility, grip strength, upper body and abdominal endurance, and aerobic fitness.

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