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St. Joseph's Care Group

Inpatient Rehabilitative Care

Geriatric Assessment & Rehabilitative Care


To provide low to medium intensity, time limited interprofessional rehabilitation with the goal of helping older adult clients improve their abilities to live in their own homes with or without supports.  The program is restorative and rehabilitative in its focus and endeavors to promote independence and optimal health to facilitate the clients’ ability to return to their place of residence with or without formal support services or, when necessary recommend alternative living options.

The program offers coordinated interprofessional assessments and individualized treatment from the following service providers: Geriatricians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Social Workers, and Rehabilitation Assistants. If additional supports are required, the program can provide referrals to Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Registered Dietitians, Speech Language Pathologists and Spiritual Care Associates. The program also works closely with Home and Community Care Support Services in order to facilitate clients’ discharges back to the community with formal support services.

Client Profile

The program is available to seniors 65 or over who are experiencing complex health problems, such as multiple admissions to hospital or visits to emergency department, recent mood/memory/thinking changes, and recent changes in health status or functional decline. 

Admission Criteria

Applicants to the program may require active medical management, but they need to be medically stable enough to participate in the program.  They also require the necessary cognitive capacity and motivation, and potential to build stamina and endurance, to actively participate in daily therapies.  Physician referral is required for clients admitted from acute care and/or the community.


  • Location: 5th Floor North
  • Number of Beds: 54 Beds

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