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Hospital Elder Life Program

Hospital Elder Life Program

The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is an innovative care program that prevents delirium and physical decline in seniors who are inpatients at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The program is delivered by specially trained volunteers who enhance care provided by rehabilitative care professionals.

Hospital Elder Life Program
Hospital Elder Life Program

Hospitalization in Seniors

When hospitalization happens, families and caregivers expect their loved ones to recover from their illnesses and return to their normal living conditions with the most optimal health possible.

However, seniors are at risk for developing delirium (a sudden state of confusion or change in mental state) and/or decline is physical functioning (unable to do previous basic self-care) secondary to their primary need for inpatient care.

These outcomes are not inevitable and are preventable with the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)

How HELP works

Specially trained HELP Volunteers deliver key interventions that address the causes of delirium and physical decline.

Elements of the program include:

  • Orientation to surroundings with reminders to use hearing aids and eye glasses to encourage alertness and involvement in care
  • Socialization and activities to encourage mental stimulation
  • Activities that encourage movement e.g. walking
  • Mealtime companionship to encourage hydration and eating

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