Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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St. Joseph's Care Group

Careers & Volunteering

Health Human Resources Plan

The Health Human Resources Plan (HHRP) focuses on "our people" as a strategic enabler; core to the operation of SJCG and critical to our organization's success. A broad range of activities are identified to foster quality improvement, support a healthy work environment, and address organizational development needs for SJCG.

SJCG's Leadership Team and the Board of Directors are committed to ensuring our people have the tools, skills and supports they need to provide the type of care expected of us and, in particular, protecting our most valuable asset; our culture of caring. The definition of "our people" includes all of our leaders, physicians, staff, volunteers, and learners. The HHRP is guided by the Accreditation Canada standards and an environmental scan that assesses internal and external factors influencing our ability to be an employer of choice through our efforts to demonstrate caring for the health, well-being, and development of our people.


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