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Client & Family Partner Program

St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) is committed to client and family engagement. Our Client and Family Partner Program provides opportunities for clients and families to be involved in planning and decision-making activities across the organization. By engaging the perspectives of Client and Family Partners (CFPs), SJCG can ensure that our work is being done with the best interest of our clients in mind.

A Client and Family Partner is someone who:

  • Wants to help improve the quality of care for all clients and family members;
  • Shares insights and advice based on personal experience as a client or family member;
  • Partners with staff to help improve the client care experience; and
  • Volunteers his/her time (typically 1 - 4 hours per month)

What do Client and Family Partners do and how do they help?

  • Sharing their story - CFPs share their care experiences with staff
  • Working with committees/working groups - CFPs influence important decisions
  • Supporting education - CFPs help develop and deliver education for staff
  • Helping with projects - CFPs help make improvements to programs and services.

Who can become a Client and Family Partner?

Client and Family Partners share insights about care for the Board of Directors
Client and Family Partners share insights
about care for the Board of Directors
  • A current or former client or family member of St. Joseph's Care Group;
  • An individual interested in sharing insights about care; and
  • An individual committed to improving the care experience

Learn more about the Client and Family Partner Program / Découvrez le programme Partenaire Client et Famille

Becoming a Client and Family Partner

Do you have an interest in volunteering with St. Joseph’s Care Group to improve care and service? If yes, consider becoming a Client and Family Partner. Complete and submit the Client and Family Partner Application Form and you will hear from us soon.

To learn more about becoming a Client and Family Partner, contact us here.


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