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N'doo'owe Binesi

Part of caring for our clients - body, mind and spirit, is cultivating an environment of cultural safety and respect and including Indigenous traditional healing programs in-step with the physical care provided.

N'doo'owe Binesi (In-Dough-Oh-Way Bih-Nay-Sih)

This work collectively is referred to as N'doo'owe Binesi which means Healing Thunderbird. The Thunder Bird is a Spiritual helper for the Anishinaabek. The Healing Thunderbird provides healing and strength. The name was gifted by a member from the Ogichidaa Onaakonigewin (Elder's Council). The Council guides and oversees the work of N'doo'owe Binesi

Accessing Indigenous Health Services

If you voluntarily self-identify upon admission as First Nations, Inuit or Métis, you will automatically be contacted by a member of our team to discuss the Traditional services available. However, at any time while you are in our care, Indigenous Health Services can be requested by speaking with a member of your care team and asking for a referral.

You can reach our team for questions by:

Phone: 807-346-5233

Ogichidaa Onaakonigewin - Elders Council

The Ogichidaa Onaakonigewin provides direction for the N'doo'owe Binesi division of St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) by supporting the Walking with Humility plan and SJCG Strategic plan, that promotes Indigenous Knowledge & Worldview relating to Indigenous Health and Traditional Healing.

Indigenous Health Team

Overseen by our Clinical Manager, staff provide trauma-informed, Indigenous-led supports for Indigenous clients such as and not limited to:

  • Counselling Services
  • Mental Health Support
  • Health Systems Navigation
  • Discharge Planning
    • Obtaining Person Identification
    • Financial Systems Navigation
    • Housing Applications
  • Client and Family Advocacy
  • Language Translation
  • Services Referrals to Various Programs and Services Within and Beyond SJCG, including the Traditional Healing Program

Traditional Health Team

The Traditional Healing program works from a wholistic approach that seeks to restore balance between mind, body and spirit. Rooted in Indigenous culture, values and traditions, the Traditional Healing Program connects clients to Cultural Practitioners and Elders.

  • Guided by the 7 Grandfather Teachings of Love, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Honesty, Humility & Wisdom
  • Supported by Traditional Healing Manager, Cultural Practitioners, Community Elders & Knowledge Keepers
  • Access to Cultural Teachings, Smudging, Sharing Circles, Drumming Nights, Sweat Lodge, Naming Ceremonies, Sacred Fire & more
  • Traditional Medicines Available
  • Group & Individual Support
  • Traditional Healing Clinic

Sacred Spaces

Our sacred spaces help to facilitate Indigenous client and family access to Indigenous cultural practices and ceremonies. We currently have the following spaces:

  • Spiritual Gathering Lodge - St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Multi-Faith Room - St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Red Southern Door Room - Hogarth Riverview Manor
  • Sacred Space - Sister Margaret Smith Centre
  • Medicine Wheel Garden (Green Werks Garden) - Sister Margaret Smith Centre
  • Sweat Lodge - Lodge on Dawson
  • Cultural Room - St. Joseph's Health Centre (North)

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