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Vaccine Forms

The information below is intended for substitute decision makers who have been contacted by Bethammi Nursing Home or Hogarth Riverview Manor and asked to complete a vaccine consent form for a resident.

COVID-19 Vaccines

It is recommended that residents of long-term care homes receive a spring booster dose if at least six months (168 days) has passed since their last dose or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

St. Joseph's Care Group provides COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for long-term care residents. To provide consent for yourself or as a substitute decision maker for someone else, please use the link below.

To learn more about COVID-19 vaccines, please visit: Ontario Government - COVID-19 Vaccines

Influenza Vaccines

Seasonal influenza vaccine programs are one of the most important steps in protecting residents from contracting influenza. Seasonal influenza vaccine is tailored each year to what the World Health Organization anticipates will be the circulating strains of influenza in the general population in the coming year.

To provide electronic consent for the influenza vaccine as a substitute decision maker, please complete the form using the link below:



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