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Emergency Codes, Plans & Procedures

The following emergency codes communicate to all staff, clients and visitors that an emergency situation is taking place or is imminent. In the event of an emergency, visitors and volunteers will be given guidance from staff and/or emergency services.

Codes Description Global Policy Links
(All SJCG Sites)
A Bomb Threat Emergency is present or that a Bomb Threat Drill is being exercised. Code Black Global Policy
An aggressive/violent/threatening situation is in progress or that code white is being exercised. Code White Global Policy
A Fire Emergency is present or a Fire Drill is being exercised. Code Red Global Policy
A client is wandering and missing; or that code yellow is being exercised. Code Yellow Global Policy
An evacuation is imminent, usually occurring with lead time. This may be caused by, lack of heat in the hospital, fumes from an internal toxic spill, or other events. Code Green Global Policy
A Cardiac Arrest/Medical Emergency is in progress. Code Blue Global Policy
Infrastructure Disruption / Failure and Air Exclusion. Code Grey Global Policy
A hostage situation is taking place. Code Purple Global Policy
An external disaster outside the hospital where the Emergency Operations Centre for the city of Thunder Bay, require our facility as a back up institution for their evacuees. Code Orange Global Policy
The perimeter of the building in physically secured and locked. Persons are asked to remain in the building until the emergency is cleared. Visitors are asked not to attend to the building during this time. Code Lockdown Procedures are specific to each site.
A person with a weapon is present within the building. If you hear this emergency declared secure within a room or space for your safety. Remain there until directed otherwise. Code Silver Global Policy

Emergency Code Sub-Plans for Long-Term Care Homes

These emergency code sub-plans are to be used in conjunction with the corresponding Global Policy above.

Bethammi Nursing Home Hogarth Riverview Manor

Our Business Continuity Plans are listed here


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