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Making a Complaint

Our Commitment to You

St. Joseph’s Care Group (SJCG) is committed to treating everyone who has a complaint with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.

No one will be subject to unfair treatment as a result of making a complaint about the standards of care or services.

We aim to resolve complaints in a timely manner and are committed to working with you to determine a reasonable solution.

Before Making a Complaint

Concerns often develop due to miscommunication. Before making a formal complaint, we recommend talking directly with the person(s) involved or asking to speak with the manager of the area so that he/she can address the concern.

When a direct approach is not possible or the issue cannot be resolved at the manager level, complaints can be submitted to SJCG Administration by letter, telephone or email.

Contact information
St. Joseph’s Hospital
c/o Administration
Box 3251, 35 Algoma St. N.
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5G7

Phone: (807) 343-2450

We will Address Complaints by
  • Acknowledging your complaint within 5 business days
  • Working with you to resolve the complaint
  • Providing an update about the status of your complaint when requested
  • Providing a response within 10 business days
Giving a Compliment

Positive feedback is appreciated so we can keep doing what works well and recognize outstanding care or services. If you have had a positive experience with a staff member, volunteer or program, we'd like to hear about it and share your appreciation with those responsible.

The best way to recognize efforts of employees is to tell them directly or telephone, write or email his/her supervisor with your comments.


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