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St. Joseph's Care Group

Eating Disorders Programs


The province of Ontario funds three levels of care in the treatment of Eating Disorders: Inpatient Treatment, Day Programming and Outpatient Treatment. The Eating Disorders Program at St. Joseph’s Care Group is mandated to provide Outpatient Treatment.

We want you to remain safe and supported in your treatment. Therefore, we will assist you in choosing the most effective level of care, providing the best chance for your successful recovery.

While you are with us, you can expect to have a combination of the following on your team:

Registered Dietitian

Your Registered Dietitian will be working with you to figure out what your body's energy requirements are, to create a plan that is workable for you and to support you as you make changes.

Registered Social Worker or Registered Psychotherapist

Your therapist will be working with you to help you manage your worries and concerns, any fears of change and any issue that you believe to be relevant in your life.

Family Therapist

As we know that the most effective treatment for youth is Family Based Therapy for Eating Disorders, our Family Therapist will be involved with all youth under the age of 18.

Nurse Practitioner

Medical complications are a high priority in eating disorder treatment. To maintain your safety while we continue to support you, medical monitoring with our Nurse Practitioner may be recommended.


We make our decisions based on the information we have. Our program provides a variety of groups designed for those struggling with an eating disorder. Receiving accurate information allows you to use it wisely.

What happens if I get really ill?

If you are a youth whose physician has determined that you are medically unstable, inpatient care is available at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Our program works very closely with the pediatric team to ensure the best care possible.

If you are an adult, our team will discuss the possibility of referring you to a more intensive treatment centre elsewhere in Ontario.

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