Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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Youth Addiction Programs

Community Treatment

Community Based Services are offered to youth living in the Thunder Bay community and surrounding area. The majority of these programs offered through Sister Margaret Smith Centre Youth Addiction Programs are in coordination with Thunder Bay Integrated Youth Services. The agencies involved with Thunder Bay Integrated Youth Services are:

  1. Sister Margaret Smith Centre - Youth Addiction Programs
  2. Children's Centre Thunder Bay - this program offers services to youth with concurrent disorders of mental health and substance use.
  3. Thunder Bay Counselling - Assessment and Referral Program: this program offers intake, assessment, education, screening and referral of youth with substance use issues.

Thunder Bay Integrated Services have a common intake, assessment, referral, and case review system for all local youth receiving services in the Thunder Bay community. A team including members from all agencies involved meet every two weeks to review and refer clients to the most appropriate service.

Program Name Focus Time Frame
Drug and alcohol assessment Comprehensive individual assessment. As needed
Brief individual counselling Individual goal setting and exploration or youth concerns. As needed
Youth gambling Children of problem gamblers and young gamblers assessment and treatment. As needed
Early intervention program Structured group focus life skills and education in a school setting. As requested
Early prevention program Prevention, education to a group. As requested
Community presentations Prevention, education to a group. As requested
Continuing care program Aftercare, relapse prevention in a group. As needed
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