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St. Joseph's Care Group

Adult Addiction Programs

Help for Family Members

For those affected by someone’s drinking or drug use

It is always difficult when a person you care about is struggling with drinking or drug use.

A person cannot be forced to change behavior that they do not want to change.

They might not want to change, even when substances are causing problems for them.

However, if you think they might want to give change a try, there is help.

Not only do we have services for a person changing their own behavior, but we also have support services for family members as well - whether your loved one is making changes, or not.

How We Can Help YOU:
  • Family counseling
  • Family education groups
  • Couple’s counseling
  • Individual support for family members

Give us a call for more information.

How do I know they have a problem?

Here are some things to consider, if you are unsure your family member may have a problem.
According to DSM-IV criteria, people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs will:

  • Show tolerance (find that they have to drink more to get their desired effect from alcohol/drugs).
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms when the effects of alcohol/drugs wear off.
  • Drink/Use larger amounts over a longer period of time than intended.
  • Consistently fail to cut down or control their use.
  • Give up important work or personal activities in favor of drinking or using.
  • Spend a great deal of time getting alcohol or drugs, using it and recovering from its effects.
  • Continue to drink/use despite knowledge of a persistent physical or psychological problem caused or exacerbated by drinking or using drugs.

If you need to talk to a professional about your loved one’s drinking or drug use, Sister Margaret Smith Centre can help. More information on other programs at Sister Margaret Smith Centre can be found here.


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