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Adult Addiction Programs

Adult Addiction Programs

Whether your goal is to cut down or to stop completely, we can help.

Sister Margaret Smith Centre is a part of St. Joseph’s Care Group. Although the organization has a Catholic name, the goals and values we abide by mean that we serve to better the lives of those we work with, no matter their race, religion or culture.

Everyone is welcome and our holistic approach to serving our clients means that we look at the whole person’s health, body mind and spirit. Not just the addiction.

Your health goals matter.

We can help, whether you are simply needing a safe place to be while the drugs or alcohol is leaving your body, whether you want to reduce the harm your drinking or drug use is causing, or if you want to stop your use altogether.

Individual counselling

  • Meet with a counselor one on one to discuss your goals and get help with your concerns
  • This might involve talking about your thoughts and feelings regarding what is happening in your life, or what has happened in the past.
  • Approaches could include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and/or Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Group counselling

  • Educational and therapeutic material and therapeutic discussion delivered to a group a people with a similar interest, or similar difficulties to work on
  • Typically groups are closed (ie. same group of people the entire time)
  • Some groups are Open-Ended (ie. Flexible in length and attendance)
  • Some groups have a fixed number of sessions (ie. you attend once a week, for a month or two)

Residential treatment

  • 98% of our clients recommend the residential program to others!
  • Stay with us for a month, to focus on your health and your future
  • Learn ways to help yourself make lasting changes to your unhealthy behaviours so that you can achieve your goals
  • Experience expert-led, self-evaluation and self-discovery
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Residential treatment groups are gender specific!

Continuing care programs

  • Once the treatment phase is complete, we offer ongoing groups and individual counseling to support people in their recovery and assist them in maintaining their goals.
  • There are separate weekly Support groups for men, women, women over 55, men over 55 and family members who would benefit from discussion, fun and fellowship with others.

Withdrawal Management

The Withdrawal Management Program is at the Balmoral Centre which is a 22 bed, non-medical withdrawal management service providing a safe place for men and women to withdraw/detox from alcohol and other drugs.

Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic

The RAAM Clinic provides low barrier access for individuals seeking treatment for any substance use disorder. With a coordinated and inter-professional approach, the clinic provides a full range of care at the time of need.

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Harm Reduction
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I Need Help for Myself
I Need Help for Myself
Programs for
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Seeking Help for Someone Else
Seeking Help for Someone Else

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