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Addictions & Mental Health

Concurrent Rehabilitation Services

Addiction Medicine - Rapid Access Clinic (RAAM)

The RAAM Clinic provides low barrier access for individuals seeking treatment for any substance use disorder. With a coordinated and inter-professional approach, the clinic provides a full range of care at the time of need.

Addiction Treatment for Substances (Adult)

The Adult Addiction staff are trained addiction counsellors and program assistants who also have experience and knowledge in a variety of other fields including psychology, social work and nursing.

Eating Disorders Program

For those who have an eating disorder, are concerned they might have one or those who are worried about a friend or family member.

Problem Gambling & Behavioural Addictions Program

If you gamble, or know someone who does, you've come to the right place. The Problem Gambling Programs not only help people with gambling problems, but we also do our best to assist family members and friends of people who gamble, and might be experiencing problems.

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal Management at Balmoral Centre is a 24-bed, medically-supervised withdrawal management stabilization centre. Balmoral Centre provides a safe place for people 16 years+ to withdraw/detox from alcohol and other drugs. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Addiction Treatment for Substances (Youth)

Youth Addiction Programs provides youth and their families support, education and stabilization in a safe respectful environment to empower the youth to make educated decisions about drug and alcohol use and gambling.


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