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COVID-19 Screening

When you arrive at one of St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) sites, you will need to stop before entering, put on a surgical mask and then report directly to the screening desk. Screening desk staff will ask you a series of questions to identify possible COVID-19 exposures and/or symptoms.

If you have a smart phone/device with access to the internet, you have the option of completing your COVID-19 screening questions below. Please show your completed screening at the desk before proceeding.

Online Screening Tools
  General Screening Tool (non-LTC)
Anyone entering any of our sites with the exception of our long-term care homes
  Long-Term Care Screening Tool
Anyone entering one of our long-term care homes (Bethammi Nursing Home or Hogarth Riverview Manor)

Screening Checkpoints

Site Screening Checkpoint
St. Joseph’s Hospital Main Entrance - Staffed 24/7
Hogarth Riverview Manor Main Entrance – Town Hall Staffed 24/7
Bethammi Nursing Home Main Entrance to St. Joseph's Heritage - Staffed 24/7
Sister Leila Greco Apartments Main Entrance Staffed 24/7
PR Cook Apartments Main Entrance to St. Joseph's Heritage - Staffed 24/7
St. Joseph’s Heritage (Commercial Tenants) Main Entrance to St. Joseph's Heritage
Manor House Main Entrance
Sister Margaret Smith Centre Front Entrance between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Balmoral Centre (Including RAAM Clinic) Call ahead 623-6515 RAAM Clinic will be screened at the Main Entrance on arrival
St. Joseph's Health Centre - North Foyer
St. Joseph's Health Centre - South Main Entrance
Medium & High Support Housing and Lodge on Dawson Site By Site
Behavioural Sciences Centre BSC Entrance from East parking lot

-- Updated: December 15, 2022 --

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