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Outpatient Rehabilitative Care

Post-COVID-19 Outpatient Clinic

The Post-COVID-19 Outpatient is no longer accepting referrals.

The Post-COVID-19 Outpatient Clinic connects people experiencing Post-COVID Syndrome with the right care to manage and/or improve their symptoms.

Post-COVID Syndrome is described as long-term symptoms that persist after the initial COVID-19 resolve. Symptoms can include:

  • fatigue
  • difficulty breathing
  • muscle, joint, or chest pain
  • headache
  • memory issues, difficulty concentrating, brain ‘fogginess’
  • sleep problems
  • fever
  • depression or anxiety
  • lack of taste or smell

Clients referred to the clinic receive an assessment by a physician and if required, a referral for assessment by a specialist. Based on the results, a comprehensive care plan is created. Clients are then matched to the right professionals, programs and services based on physical and mental health needs.

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