Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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St. Joseph's Care Group


Health Care Providers

Continuing Education Opportunities

St. Joseph's Care Group is committed to ensuring that employees have appropriate knowledge and expertise to provide the best quality of care for clients and residents.

Education funding is available to assist employees in obtaining financial support for continuing education, advanced academic qualifications and interest-free tuition loans.

Education Calendar - Corporate Learning maintains a comprehensive education calendar of upcoming innovative learning opportunities.

Videoconferencing bridges the distance gap allowing health care professionals to collaborate with regional partners by facilitating clinical consultations, education events and administrative activities. The technology increases the presence and visibility of St. Joseph's Care Group as a teaching and learning organization. SJCG is a recognized member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network.

Learning Management System (LMS) is a computer-based program that allows employees to easily and conveniently manage their learning requirements and needs. The learner can select courses/classes, monitor their progress, track their learning history, complete surveys, etc.

Professional Practice

Within the Care Group, Professional Advisory Council (PAC) operates as a forum for professional groups to discuss issues impacting health professions across the organization. PAC consists of practice leaders representing their professions' Quality Practice Councils. PAC facilitates a better understanding of professional issues and promotes interprofessional coordination. In addition, the council identifies and makes recommendations regarding issues impacting clinical practice and identifies opportunities and strategies for collaborative practice throughout the organization. Through understanding, coordination and a broader view of issues, excellence in professional practice can be maintained.


New Employee Orientation - all new staff members participate in New Employee Orientation which consists of an overview of the structure, mission, values, vision and strategic direction of St. Joseph's Care Group. The Orientation process includes an overview of the programs and services available within the Care Group. Nurses participate in a comprehensive nursing orientation.

Mandatory Training - new employees complete mandatory training in Infection Control, Fire Safety, Emergency Codes, WHMIS, Back Care, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.

New Manager Orientation - St. Joseph's Care Group provides new managers a comprehensive orientation and training program to assist their integration into day to day operations as competent, confident managers.

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