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Interprofessional Education & Care

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

"Occasions when two or more professionals learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care" (CAIPE, 1997).

Interprofessional education will ensure that health providers have the necessary knowledge and training to work effectively on interprofessional teams.

Interprofessional Care (IPC)

"Interprofessional Care is the provision of comprehensive health services to patients by multiple health caregivers who work collaboratively to deliver quality care within and across settings" (HealthForce, Ontario, 2007).

IPC Initiatives

St. Joseph's Care Group has participated in a number of Interprofessional Care and Education initiatives in a variety of our programs. Each initiative has provided opportunities to expand or enhance interprofessional practice within the organization.

Best Practices

Guidelines are used to promote the delivery of high-quality, evidenced based health care. Collaborative practice is used to implement these best practices within our programs. Collaboration results in 'synergy' which leads to better client care. Examples of best practices that have been implemented include falls prevention program, restraints, and pain management.

What is the difference between interprofessional and interdisciplinary?

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