Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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St. Joseph's Care Group

Centre for Applied Health Research


What we do

Research is a dynamic process that forms the backbone of evidence-based clinical practice. It offers a venue for people to ask questions and develop solutions. At St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) the strength of the research program is rooted in the skills and expertise of the members of the Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHR). We work with clinicians and staff within SJCG as well as external healthcare and academic partners whose work is linked to the strategic directions of SJCG. We recognize that research or knowledge generation needs to be partnered with mobilization to ensure that relevant findings are put into practice. CAHR is strongly committed to sharing our work with as broad an audience as possible.

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If you require information about the Research Ethics Board (REB) for the review and approval of research within SJCG, or other policies, procedures and/or information with regards to conducting research, please see Research Services.


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