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Introducing our new Strategic Plan 2024-2028

Strategic Plan 2024-2028
Strategic Plan 2024-2028

Date: 2024-06-28

Message from the Board Chair and President & Chief Executive Officer

It is with great pleasure that we present St. Joseph's Care Group's new Strategic Plan 2024-2028.

This is our Strategic Plan, written with the experiences and insights of our staff, physicians, Elders, Client & Family Partners, volunteers, the people we serve and their families, and health and community partners. Together, we identified three priorities:

  • Drive High-Quality People-Centred Care
  • Nurture Our People
  • Lead and Enhance Regional Specialized Care

Within each of the priority areas, the feedback from over 1,000 people and from a range of organizations have led to the development of clear objectives to help us achieve all that we have set out to accomplish. This is a plan that supports and enables transformation while keeping people at the centre of our work.

Our culture is one where we listen to and value each other. During Strategic Planning engagement, we heard from our staff that the time was right to revise our Mission, Vision and Values. So that’s what we did. We worked collectively with staff to develop our new Mission, Vision and Values, with each word carefully chosen to affirm our commitment to those in need, express our healthcare purpose, and reflect our Catholic identity.

Finally, to everyone who has contributed to this Strategic Plan, we extend not just our gratitude but a sense of excitement for all that we can achieve! It truly is a plan for now and into the future, and it reaffirms our commitment to uphold our values with humility and integrity, fostering an inclusive environment and ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcomed, valued, and respected.



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Susan Fraser
Board Chair
Janine Black
President & CEO


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