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Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

St. Joseph's Care Group is committed to providing people-centred, quality care throughout our services. We are here for our clients, ensuring we are providing safe and culturally sensitive care, engaging clients and their families in their care, and improving transitions in care. We are here for our people to enhance quality of work life, keep staff, physicians and volunteers safe and well and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

St. Joseph's Care Group is pleased to present our 2024-2025 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for St. Joseph's Hospital, Bethammi Nursing Home and Hogarth Riverview Manor. Our annual QIP describes our quality improvement goals and activities for the year.

Our 2024-2025 QIP will continue to focus on the Client Experience, Safety, Equity, and Access & Flow.

Client and Family Council

"St. Joseph's Care Group has a strong commitment to client and family engagement. We are delighted to be involved in developing this year's Quality Improvement Plan. By sharing our insights and ideas for quality improvement efforts, we can help ensure the plan focuses directly on the needs of the clients"

Our 2024-2025 QIP consists of the following documents:

Narrative QIP Overview

The QIP Narrative provides an overview of St. Joseph's Care Group and the accomplishments and progress we have made under: Access and Flow; Equity and Indigenous Health, Patient/Client/Resident Experience; Provider Experience, and Safety.

Improvement Targets and Change Initiatives

The QIP Work Plan is a document that summarizes our priority quality improvement targets and change initiatives for the year.

St. Joseph's Hospital Quality Improvement Plan
Long-Term Care Homes Quality Improvement Plan

Please feel free to contact the Director of Quality if you have any questions or comments.

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