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St. Joseph's Care Group Launches Looking to the Southern Direction Report

St. Joseph's Care Group Launches Looking to the Southern Direction Report

Date: 2023-08-11

St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) is excited to launch the Looking to the Southern Direction Report in August 2023 to update our community on the milestones we've achieved throughout our cultural humility journey thus far.

Following in the steps of our Looking to the Southern Direction plan, the second iteration of our Wiidosem Dabasendizowin: Walking with Humility plans, the Looking to the Southern Direction Report summarizes our progress and achievements under each of the actions outlined in the original plan. As we reflect on how much we've accomplished in the last two years, St. Joseph's Care Group strives to continue demonstrating our commitment to working with Indigenous Peoples to transform the healthcare system together.

Key Highlights:
  • Referrals for Nanaandawe'ewin (the Traditional Healing Program) have nearly tripled since 2021 (48 to 128).
  • Averaged one Sharing Circle/Group held per day from April 2021-March 2022 (365 events, with a total of 1,596 people in attendance).
  • Over 950 people attended various Indigenous Health Education Committee events in 2022.
  • Led by Paul Francis Jr., Vice President, N'doo'owe Binesi and guided by the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel, N'doo'owe Binesi and the Indigenous Health Team have undergone tremendous changes to improve client care and staff education at SJCG. We are grateful for the continual support of Ogichidaa Onaakonigwein, the Elders Council, and the encouragement received through ceremony, to ensure our work honours the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

    We have spent the past two years developing the N'doo'owe Binesi team to support integrating Indigenous Knowledge, culture and healing practices into SJCG's programs and services. During our time spent in the Southern Direction, we have focused on ensuring clients receive safe and culturally sensitive care. We have also worked to support our staff, physicians and volunteers to uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples in an environment free from racism and discrimination.

    "We are happy to share the progress on our Looking to the Southern Direction Report, but we understand there is still work to be done to continue supporting staff and ensuring clients can access culturally safe care, reflects Paul Francis Jr.," Vice President, N'doo'owe Binesi. "St. Joseph's Care Group is actively making space for our worldview, ceremonial practices, medicines, Elders, and Indigenous-led healthcare transformations. It's humbling to look back at our work so far and exciting to plan for the future."

    With just over a year left for the Looking to the Southern Direction plan, N'doo'owe Binesi Program Evaluation, and the ongoing development of St. Joseph's Care Group's updated Strategic Plan for 2024-2028, we are looking forward to developing our next Walking with Humility plan for 2024-2028.

    Quick Facts:
    • St. Joseph's Care Group's journey of Walking with Humility was first launched in 2018.
    • The Looking to the Southern Direction plan, released in 2022, proposed actions focused in seven key areas:
      • Integration of Indigenous Knowledge & Healing Practices
      • Cultural Humility as a Journey
      • Prioritizing Indigenous Health
      • Continued Engagement in Indigenous Research & Evaluation
      • Indigenous Leadership & Governance
      • Communications
      • A Healing Way Forward
    • Walking with Humility is a core commitment of St. Joseph's Care Group's Strategic Plan 2020-2024: Here for You When You Need Us.
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