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St. Joseph's Care Group

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

At St. Joseph's Care Group, we believe each individual is unique and we respect each person's religious and spiritual life.

Spiritual Care is a service available to you and your loved ones as you deal with the challenges and changes which arise during your stay in our care. Our team of professionals are trained to accompany you as you explore the meaning of suffering, navigate the distress of your illness and seek to reconcile faith and experience. Spiritual care is often of particular value when you and your family are confronting issues related to a life-limiting diagnosis or death.

Individual spiritual and religious beliefs are respected. If you would like someone from your faith tradition to visit while you are in our care, please speak to your Care Team. Most of our sites have a chapel and designated space for quiet reflection, prayer and meditation.

Spiritual Caregivers

Spiritual Caregivers are trained to respond to the needs of the human spirit. Those needs may be relatively simple, such as coming to chapel or connecting with a faith leader, or they may be more complicated, such as grieving various losses or navigating major changes that call into question one's core beliefs about life.

Spiritual Caregivers are available for clients, family members, volunteers, administration, and for all staff. They are here to join you in whatever your journey might be, by listening and participating in ways that are purposed to inspire you to be fully on side with Life, from inside out. That participation may include being a friend to your soul, advocating on your behalf, facilitating specific connections or rituals, counselling, and/or crisis intervention.

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