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Community Support Program

CSP is a community-based treatment program for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. The approach to treatment is client-centered and is delivered by a team from a variety of disciplines. We provide a 24-hour 7-day assistance and emergency after hours call system and crisis response.

Why would I need/ want this service?

If you are a person with severe and persistent mental illness, Community Support provides an accountable and mobile service that supports clients in the community and their own environment.

Who is this service geared towards?

Persons with severe and persistent mental illness who need continued assistance and support to live and maintain themselves in the community and in their own environment.

How can I get started with this service?

You can come in person for an application at St. Joseph's Health Centre (front desk, main floor) located at 710 E. Victoria Avenue or you can contact the Mental Health Case Management Intake Coordinator @ 807.346.8300.

When can I take this service?

There is a screening process that identifies those that meet certain admission criteria or have the greatest need for services. Once a referral for Community Support services is received, it is screened by the team, and if all the admission criteria is met, a meeting is scheduled for all those involved. You will be contacted by a Community Support case worker within two to three weeks of application.

What will this service offer me?

One member of the team will serve as your primary contact person or case manager to ensure continuity of care. The team will try to ensure a "best fit" between yourself and your case manager. Together, you will tailor a plan that will assist you in accomplishing the personal needs and interests you have.

If you have a question/concern and your case manager is unavailable, another member of the team will be happy to assist you. By using the team approach and shared care, it is possible for the team to provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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