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Addictions & Mental Health

Comprehensive Community Support

Comprehensive Community Support Team (CCST) is a community-based treatment program for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. The team also supports those whose mental health illness may be influenced by addiction. The approach to treatment is client-centred and is delivered by a team from a variety of disciplines.

Why would I need/ want this service?

If you are a person with severe and persistent mental illness, CCST provides an accountable and mobile service that supports clients in the community and their own environment.

If you have mental illness and substance abuse difficulties that are impacting your ability to function adequately in your daily life and need support and treatment to address these issues.

Who is this service geared towards?

Individuals 18 and over with severe and persistent mental illness who need continued assistance and support to live and maintain themselves in the community and in their own environment. Individuals with concurrent disorders (both mental health and addiction challenges) are considered.

How can I get started with this service?

Referrals can be made by any individual, community person, or professional through The Access Point Northwest

When can I take this service?

There is a screening process that identifies those that meet certain admission criteria. Once a referral for CCST is received, it is screened by the team, and if all the admission criteria are met, a meeting is scheduled for all those involved. You will be contacted by a CCST Case Manager within two to three weeks of application.

What will this service offer me?

One member of the team will serve as your primary contact person or Case Manager to ensure continuity of care. The team will try to ensure a "best fit" between yourself and your case manager. Together, you will identify goals and tailor a plan that will assist you in accomplishing personal needs, developing your personal interests, and address difficulties you face. Our psychiatrist may take over your mental health treatment. Services will be offered in both office and community environments based on individual need.

If you have a question/concern and your Case Manager is unavailable, another member of the team will be happy to assist you.

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